5 steps to a healthier lifestyle

All our little habits – good or bad – obviously have a direct impact on the quality of our way of life. Eat “healthy”, feel good all year round… Start adopting good reflexes on a daily basis with our 5-step wellness program suggestion!


Why? Why? Finding a sport you like and playing it regularly is essential, but also think about exercising differently: physical activity is not just about sport. There are a thousand and one ways to move around every day while having fun and doing good.


By motivating all members of your family to exercise at least 30 minutes a day, or two or three hours of sport a week. It is quite possible to find time to play sports, even on a busy day: walk or cycle to school or the office, take a detour through a park to the supermarket or get off at a station before your subway stop.

Use a pedometer or your mobile phone to keep in mind the distance you travel every day. If your children are sensitive to rewards, why not suggest that the one who achieves his goal of two and a half hours a week choose the family activity for the following weekend?


Why? Why? Adopting a healthy lifestyle is first and foremost about eating well and exercising, but it is also important to maintain a balance between work and personal life. The key to establishing good social relationships in the family? Make sure that your free time is not just spent on your smartphone or in front of the computer.

How? How? At home, create zones without phones and place a box near the front door, inviting everyone to leave their phones turned off. Set up similar rules for family meetings and dinner. Make sure that evenings spent together are free of screens. Organize board games, family walks or read them stories: there are plenty of options!


A balanced and varied diet is essential to provide essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and other proteins. And it starts as soon as you wake up. It is sometimes difficult to find the time to have a full breakfast, but if the whole family gets started, you will quickly and easily develop good eating habits. For the greatest happiness of your body2 and your wallet.

Need a motivation? You could turn good eating into something fun with a point system. Points that fall each time you meet your goals such as eating at least five fruits and vegetables a day3, or drinking enough water. It is a very fun way to teach your children about good eating habits. Children are advised to consume 4 dairy products per day; this means 4 points for them. Each family member can have their own goal with a reward at the end of the week.


Why? Why? Poor quality or lack of regular sleep can cause a lack of energy in the short term and can even have long-term health consequences. It has been proven that falling asleep at a fixed time, and sleeping for the same number of hours, provides more energy. 4

How? How? Become the family’s wake-up call! Waking up at the same time maximizes your energy level throughout the day. If you or your children need a nap, a 20-30 minute rest in the afternoon will be as effective as two and a half hours of extra sleep at night. Sending your children to bed early will not increase your popularity, but getting them out of bed will be easier the next morning. Relaxing showers and hand massages at bedtime can help, as can the ritual of passing on your pajamas or reading a story to fall asleep.


Why? Why? Treat yourself to a healthy and balanced diet. By cooking a variety of good meals for your loved ones, you take care of them while giving yourself pleasure. Food is even more delicious when you know it makes you feel good!

How? How? Change your habits and embark on a theme meal with one colour per food, so you can create a balanced rainbow menu. Vary the shapes of fruits and vegetables (in sticks, grated, rolled, mashed, etc.) on beautiful plates. Why not prepare dessert with your child? It is a good way to reduce everyday tensions and talk about each other’s days. Meals are enjoyed before, during… and even after!

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