An overview of Medical Marijuana Strains

Identifying the top strains of medical marijuana isn’t about choosing a favorite variety. Instead, patients who are evaluating different strains should consider the overall effects of each variety has on common medical ailments and then name the most popular, as well as most effective, strains. Patients and doctors alike can appreciate the consistency of the strains in treating ailments and pain. Each variety of medical marijuana has specific properties that work toward healing the body. Understanding how each of the marijuana strains work can help patients and doctors distinguish which variety is the most effective when treating specific ailments or chronic conditions.Do you want to learn more? view publisher site

The most effective strains for medical marijuana are the ones that have very little or no known side effects and only produce a minimal amount of the drug in each serving. The most well-known strain is THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, also referred to as THC or hashish, which is responsible for the “high” some people feel after ingesting it. When the body absorbs small amounts of the THC, it produces little to no side effects. In small amounts, the body does not metabolize THC into a substance that could cause negative side effects. Medical marijuana users who choose this variety can enjoy the relief from symptoms that they feel without experiencing the serious side effects that some other strains produce. Because it has little to no known side effects, the cost of medical marijuana can be significantly reduced, making it more affordable for patients to try out.

Another strain that doctors recommend is CBD or cannabidiol, which is a derivative of THC but has none of its unwanted side effects. When CBD is used in conjunction with medical marijuana, patients can experience the same benefits as those with THC without the serious risks associated with it. Since CBD is a derivative of THC and has the same health issues related to the drug, it requires patients to find the right balance between the two. This means consulting with a doctor in order to find the right balance between the two strains to produce the best possible result.

The two strains differ primarily in how they produce their cannabidiol, or CBD, a non-psychoactive component. Some medical marijuana users prefer to use strains with lower concentrations of CBD because the high level of THC creates a dangerous situation in which the patient can experience hallucinations and delusions. However, many of these same patients also do not wish to have any of these negative side effects. Therefore, they must find strains that feature a good balance between both components. It is important to note that the highest concentration of CBD is around 0.3%, but the lower levels of THC are acceptable as well

Two of the more popular strains include Haze and Lemon 100%. Haze is considered to be a better choice for those with less severe forms of epilepsy because it does not have the negative side effects of THC. It does, however, have a more cerebral effect on the human body. This cerebral effect is thought to be what makes it more desirable among patients, although many remain uncertain about the exact nature of this effect. Those who do agree that CBD has a calming effect on the body prefer strains like Lemon 100% because they believe that this higher concentration of CBD improves the cerebral effect of the plant without creating any of the harmful side effects.