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Bioidentical hormone treatment, also referred to as bioidentical hormone replacement therapy or organic hormone therapy, is simply the utilization of identical hormones on a molecular basis without affecting any other aspects of the body. The concept behind this method of treatment is that the hormones are supposed to act in the same way in the body as they would when naturally produced by the body. When these hormones are altered, it can have a variety of effects on the body, including the possible onset of certain illnesses or disorders. This is not the case when utilizing bioidentical hormones as opposed to synthetic hormones. In fact, studies have shown that bioidentical hormones have led to an increase in the effectiveness of other treatments and have helped many people to finally gain the results they have been looking for. Learn more by visiting NovaGenix.

One of the most common benefits found from bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is seen in the treatment of menopause. When women enter menopause their bodies begin to produce less testosterone, which causes many symptoms, including hot flashes and mood swings. Bioidentical that has been shown to help women control these symptoms as well as get the relief they need for hot flashes.

Another benefit found in the treatment of menopause through bioidentical hormones is found in the treatment of diseases such as osteoporosis, a disease that commonly affects older women. Women that age and experience bone loss typically do not use traditional hormone replacement methods. Bioidentical hormones have been proven to help prevent bone loss and promote increased bone strength in women that experience this condition. This is yet another example of how bioidentical hormones are helping to make the lives of more women easier and more successful.