Generating Profits in Your Med Spa or Tanning Salon With Teeth Whitening Systems

Is it possible for you to make money? When reviewing any new product or service, this is an important question to ask. Before bringing teeth whitening or any other new service into your salon, ask yourself these questions. Essentials Wellness Med Spa is one of the authority sites on this topic.

First and foremost, can you afford the upfront cost of providing the service, as well as the continuous cost of providing it? A good dental grade system will set you back roughly $1800, with no additional training, manpower, or certification required.

Determine whether there are any additional safety or equipment needs. The whitening light is made of a safe, cool blue LED technology, and the customer only needs to wear glasses. Any spare room can be used, and all that is required is a chair. Consider how many treatments you’ll need to break even on the equipment, as well as how much profit you’ll make on following sessions. Most spas make $75-180 in net profit each customer after recouping their investment in as low as 10-15 customers.

So, let’s get down to business. If your salon has 50 customers per week and only 5% of them use this additional service, you’ll make $1,600 in net profit per month and over $19,000 per year. When you add in retail items like whitening pens and enamel boosters, your annual earnings jumps to more over $25,000 each year. As the figures demonstrate, teeth whitening can be profitable. It’s a popular and profitable new offering that tanning businesses will love.