Increase Sales on Your Website – Use Graphics

How many times have you gone to a website only to be greeted by a wall of text? Like reading a letter, you read a large-scale headline and then just see text. You sift through the pages, hoping for something to catch your eye.
Do you have a clear idea of what you’re looking for? You’re looking for a picture to show you what’s on the website, whether you realise it or not. You want to be able to “see” what you’re putting yourself into. these details
A website that lacks graphics will lose a significant chunk of the audience that its owner is hoping to attract. Consider that for a moment. When you read, your mind’s eye creates visual images of how the words you’re reading make you feel.
There are three key areas where graphic design should be used. A graphic header is the first. This is usually the first section of your website that a visitor sees. It must be compelling enough to pique the prospect’s interest and keep it for the duration. After a visitor clicks on your site, you have around 8 seconds to persuade him to continue reading. With a photo, there’s no better way to get his attention.
The effectiveness of your product or service is the second area where graphics are required. There must be a graphic to promote whatever it is you’re selling. What if you don’t have a physical goods to sell? As an example, consider membership sites. You’re offering a private membership for sale. Simply by displaying an image of a “membership card,” you can increase your sales. This will make your prospect feel like he’ll be a part of something exceptional. People enjoy being made to feel “special.”
Whether you’re selling something tangible or not, there’s always a visual you can use to illustrate what you’re advertising. Remember that consumers buy based on their feelings. Emotions are constantly triggered by images.
The backdrop graphic of your site is the third area that is frequently disregarded. This area will instantly establish the tone for whatever you’re presenting if it’s well-designed and has the right colours. Emotions must be triggered once more.