Information Regarding IDX

There is a distinction to be made between the two. One creates leads for you every month that turn into sales, while the other is a very expensive business card that you pay for every month and only generates 1 closed sale per year that you would have gotten regardless. If your website does not generate enough leads each month to close two deals, you have a bill, not a real estate website. Your website should produce at least 50 leads each month, which you may convert into two sales each month. Click here to read Showcase IDX-IDX

Allow me to tell you a little anecdote. My brother, James, converted 250 leads into 25 closed deals. He converts one out of every ten leads into a sale. Take a moment to consider that. Would you like to make ten phone calls and know that at least one of them would result in a sale? Let’s get back to using your real estate website to its full potential. Most agents make their websites about themselves, which is virtually the only thing you can’t do to produce leads that want to act, have the financial means to buy, and will follow your rules. Increase the Effectiveness of Your Real Estate Website

  1. Write about what you know, not what you know about real estate paperwork, but what you know about your community. When looking for a home, consider what is most important to you and write about it.
  2. Write down your most often asked queries – the majority of your clients will have similar inquiries. Take those and respond to the questions in full on your website or blog.
  3. Give them many ways to reach you and make it clear that they may speak with you, chat with you, text with you, e-mail with you, or even fax you if they want to.
  4. Make sure it’s not about you and everything is about them – that is, make it all about what they want, which is a home, condo, or property, and what they need to do to get it.
  5. Give them what they want – listings, for example, which you must provide. Allow them to see what they want, make sure they can see postings that will pique their interest, and encourage them to contact you for further information.
  6. Regularly update your website or blog – You don’t have to do it every day, but a website or blog that is updated weekly or even monthly will win the war for producing leads who are willing and ready to act. By implementing the above suggestions, your real estate website will be 95 percent ahead of the competition, transforming you into a lead generation and, more significantly, a closing machine. You may not be able to tackle all of these at once, but tackling them one at a time will significantly enhance your outcomes. Having a second set of eyes on your website won’t harm, but make sure the individual providing the feedback is willing to be entirely honest with you and provide you with actionable advise.