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PEMF therapy is a relatively recent treatment that was created after patients suffering from a heart attack were able to enjoy great pain reduction. A coronary artery obstruction had caused the patient to go into cardiac arrest on the left side. Doctors produced the cardiac attack that produced the blockage, and because the obstruction was irreversible, they decided to treat the patient with pEMF therapy. PEMF therapy does not cure the blockage, but it does help to manage the pain. The Food and Drug Administration has not cleared the device for use as a medical treatment because it is not medical equipment. However, without FDA certification, many people are turning to PEMF therapy as a home medical device to relieve pain.Learn more by visiting  Orange Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field Therapy Association

PEMF therapy heals depression and other non-traditional union broken conditions by using pulsed electromagnetic field wellness equipment. The FDA approved many of these electromagnetic field wellness devices for consumer use. While not everyone will have a mended broken heart or pain alleviation after a heart attack, this technique has provided relief to millions of people across the world suffering from a variety of maladies. PEMF therapy is frequently recommended by doctors to their patients because the FDA has approved its usage for relieving pain naturally without the need for surgery.

What are some of the ailments that pemf treatment can help with? Low back pain, as well as pain caused by arthritic disorders like osteoarthritis, have been shown to be improved by this treatment. People who suffer from asthma have also found relief. And arthritic patients have experienced relief from the side effects of this medication.