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Bankruptcy and injury law are the two main branches of American legal system. They are generally practiced in either civil or criminal court. The former involves administration of bankruptcy by the government, whereas the latter pertains to the laws governing the filing, recovery, and rehabilitation of claims made in civil court. It is the second branch of the American legal system that has made significant contributions to the economy of the country. Click here for info The Law Office of Robert C. Hahn, III, P.S

The two branches work hand in executing justice for their respective clients. The bankruptcy and injury law practice have developed over the years and there is a growing need for a better understanding of these laws in order to make decisions regarding the resolution of claims filed against others. Most business firms dealing with matters of bankruptcy will have attorneys on their payroll who specialize in the areas of bankruptcy and personal injury. While most personal injury cases will be settled out of court, the insurance companies and individual victims will sometimes file suit and this requires an attorney who has expertise in personal injury law.

Foreclosure and sheriff sale laws are complicated and most people do not understand them. Only attorneys who specialize in foreclosure and mortgage related litigation have the experience and knowledge to provide sound legal counsel to their clients. Personal Injury lawyers that focus on this area of law practice will have extensive experience in representing their clients in foreclosure suits, condo unit foreclosures, commercial property foreclosures, and personal injury lawsuits. When selecting an attorney to handle your foreclosure case it is important to check his experience and knowledge of foreclosure laws. A good attorney should be able to assess whether or not your case will be successful and if he does not believe your case will hold up in court, he should be able to explore other possibilities with your lender to get you a fair settlement.