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A house painter is a tradesperson qualified to undertake the interior painting and decoration of residential buildings and hence is referred to as a home painter or decorator. The main purpose of interior painting is to enhance the visual appeal of a building, both to its visitors and to the people living in it, and also to prevent damage from water, moisture, rot and insects. It involves many complex tasks like applying mastic, glazing and caulking; preparing walls; covering cracks; ventilating cracks; painting ceilings, walls, doors and floors; repainting rooms; and finally, assembling furniture pieces together. A trained house painter can carry out all these works smoothly and without much hassle and stress.Do you want to learn more? Visit Picazzo Painting and Pressure Washing

There are many types of house painters who have skill and experience in all these works. Some of them are known as avant-garde painters, who paint innovative designs, unusual pictures, and evoke images from ancient mythology, fairy tales and Hollywood movies. Other painters are known as realists, who paint realistic scenes and gardens, which give an exact appearance to their works.

House painters can be general contractors, interior designers, decorators, landscape architects or specialized interior and exterior painting services providers. They employ a large number of skilled and semi-skilled laborers to do the works of their profession. These people have gained employment as employees or have gained employment through recruitment agencies and various trade channels. They can perform the works at different locations across the country. There are professional house painters who do not work for any company or organization, but they advertise themselves through the Internet as independent contractors offering interior and exterior painting services at affordable rates.