Garage door opener: Secrets Revealed

A garage door opener, also known as an opener motor or opener switch, is an electric motor that operates garage doors by opening and closing garage entry doors, usually controlled by switches mounted on the garage wall. Garage entry doors are normally open only during the day and then completely closed at night to avoid intruders using them as a means of gaining access to your home. Garage entry doors can either be manual or operated by remote control. The majority of modern garage openers have automatic garage openers installed. Many also come with a handheld, battery-operated radio remote control, which is used to manually open and close the doorway even from a long distance away. If you would like to learn more about this, please check out Garage door opener near me

There are two basic types of garage door opener mechanism. There is the screw drive garage door opener, commonly known as a belt drive garage door opener, and there is the rack and pinion drive type, better known as the screw drive mechanism. With the screw drive mechanism, the motor is mounted on a shaft that extends through the center of the garage entrance door and into the garage itself. The motor uses a set of spur gears to quickly change the tension of the belt so that it can quickly move up or down and, in the case of the belt drive, spin the pulley system so that the garage door smoothly moves up and down.

The second type of garage door opener mechanism is the torsion bar mechanism. The torsion bar mechanism uses a shaft that is mounted onto a long metal shaft that is attached directly to the main electric motor. The motor uses a torsion spring to counterbalance the force of the motor as it pulls on the shaft to cause the door to open. This torsion bar mechanism requires more force than the screw drive mechanism, and the garage doors tend to take longer to fully open. This torsion bar opener can be installed with both types of motors to maximize its efficiency.