Unplugged Store – Review

Unplugged Games is an all ages game store that specializes in board and card games. Cost: Free. The scoop: Simply put the electronics away for a little bit and unplug for an afternoon of board or card games with the kids. Unplugged Games actually has a wide variety of great games for you to enjoy at their store, or you can teach your children how to play a new game, such as Star Wars X Wing Miniatures Game. It’s a lot of fun for a family to unwind, especially when parents join in and help out with the games. view publisher site

Unplugged Games is located in the beautiful town, which is about an hour north of Boston, and about an hour south of Providence, R.I. There are several branches, but the main one you want to get to is the one that has the games you’re looking for. Once you are inside the store, it’s time to start playing! You will find yourself spending a good amount of time playing some of the most popular board games, such as Uno, Stratego, monopoly, hearts, and many more. We even had the opportunity to run into a few classic boxed games, such as Monopoly, Risk, and Playmobil.

Overall, Unplugged Games is a wonderful store to come and visit, whether you are a game lover or not. I think they have about everything you will ever need to keep you and your family having loads of fun while enjoying the board games and card games that are available. The variety alone is worth the price, not to mention the fun you will have playing some of the games. If you are looking for a fun family trip or just a good time with your children, make sure to stop by the Unplugged Store today. You won’t be disappointed!