What You Should Know About DUI Attorneys

DUI attorneys are very similar to personal injury lawyers in many ways, but also have very different expectations of how they get paid if they win a case for you. Most DUI attorneys will bill very much differently than most personal injury lawyers. Some personal injury lawyers will take a case on a contingency basis, meaning that they only receive a percentage of the winnings. Not so with DUI attorneys. They usually need a large down payment upfront.You can get additional information at Tustin DUI Attorney.

If you choose to use a dui attorneys, you should expect to pay for their services upfront, and not receive any money until you have won your case. This is typically included in the monthly or annual fee that is charged by DUI attorneys for handling your case. Some DUI attorneys will bill you separately for their work, but this should not be done unless you plan on paying them over time as described above. The reason for this is because there is a large amount of expense that is incurred when preparing a DUI case, and DUI attorneys normally only bill for what they spend on the case itself, not for their work.

The reason you should not expect to get any money upfront from your DUI attorney is because the majority of cases end up being dismissed or taken off of the court record. Even if it does go to trial, the likelihood of winning your case is not very good. Most DUI attorneys will simply take a cut of the winnings if you were to go to trial, but the chances of winning are slim to none. This is why it is not recommended that you hire the first DUI attorney that you come across, even if you think you can afford to hire them.

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